At the year-end party, “I’m the prettiest”…”Encore” event

A surprise discount on lifting and packaging procedures on the 16~17th

Nuga Skin Clinic, Collaboration with the LA specialized treatment team

If you want to be envied by the praise of “Oh, you’re so beautiful,” “You look so young,” at the year-end meeting, let’s enjoy the “Christmas Customer Support Event” chance of “Nuga Skin Clinic (Director Byun Sun-hee)” on the 16th and 17th.

Director Byun, who is loved as a skin protector for Korean people in Atlanta, said, “We prepared an encore promotion to repay the support sent by customers at the last grand opening ceremony.”

The two-day event will feature lifting procedures such as Ulthera, Inmode, and Botox at a special discount, and another treatment team with professional certificates will join again in LA.

The LA team attracted explosive popularity from customers with a lifting procedure that mixed filler and collagen during their last visit. In particular, it is told that customers praised it for adding naturalness to the forehead, cheeks, and lips without any bruise or pain that occurs in general filler procedures.

The Nuga Skin Clinic, which recently expanded and moved near Duluth Boggs Road, is focusing on creating a sleek V-line and elastic and smooth skin without surgery by introducing cutting-edge devices that differentiate itself from other lifting equipment such as Ultherapy and Inmode, which lift skin without ultrasound.

Director Byun said, “As there are many gatherings and parties at the end of the year, ‘Mool-Gwang'(water glow) injection packages that let dull skin glow and shine are popular, such as Chanel injections, which have an immediate effect after the procedure,” and suggested, “With a simple procedure, you can become the main character of the end of the year party and take life photo shots.”

She also said, “Reservation is already crowded after hearing news that the LA team will come again,” adding, “It’s a promotion that only lasts two days, so it’s better to make a reservation quickly.”

During this period, the clinic presents a skin-lotion set worth $50 as a gift only for package reservations.

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Lee Sang yeon, the managing editor