[Beauty] “CAXA UP Finds the ‘Heart Line’ of your face”

Missy Cosmetics, Lowest Prices for Multi-Skin Care Devices

“Use the Braces to Shine Your Face…””Solving skin problems”

CAXA UP, the most popular beauty device in Korea, will be sold at the lowest price in Atlanta.
CAXA UP is a multi-skin care device that has been famous for being used by actress Lee Young-ae for a long time. The product was ranked first in the beauty device category at the survey event conducted for outstanding customers of Lotte Department Store in Korea.
Cho Mi-sook, CEO of Missy Cosmetics at Duluth headquarter, said, “We supply the CAXA UP to Atlanta customer at a lower price than Amazon or Korea.”
The characteristic of CAXA UP is that it creates a beauty effect by fusing two currents with the “Gwalsa” technique, a traditional skin beauty treatment method in the East. In particular, it uses microcurrents to remove waste and swelling and improve skin elasticity, and ion currents deliver effective ingredients in the skin to help create glossy skin. In other words, the effect of two devices can be seen in that two currents flow through one product.
“Gwalsa,” called “Oriental Wisdom,” is a traditional beauty method that has been performed since 2000 years ago, and has been widely used from palaces where beautiful women are gathered to ordinary people. CAXA UP combines microcurrent and ion skincare technologies with square techniques to bring out beauty both inside and outside the skin with three approaches.
Missy Cosmetics, which marks its 22nd anniversary this year, is leading the spread of “K-Beauty” by operating nine stores in Georgia, and last year, it donated $500 each to 20 Korean families suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Paul Lee, Managing Editor