“Heaven couldn’t wait for you”

“We are sisters and friends…May you be consoled by your husband and family”

The local police office right next door…There are still blood stains in the store.

“I’ve been going to this store since I was very young. It was a dream shop for a little girl, and the owner lady who died always greeted us with a smile. She always gave me presents in her small hand and asked me if there was anything else I wanted. If she had told me what she needed, she would have just given it to me. My friend is a person who shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of thing.”

On the 16th, the day after the murder of Korean owner Cha Hyun-chan (69, female), Alina Johnson (37), a local resident who met at the East Point Beauty Supply near Atlanta, paid tribute to the deceased by placing a carefully written card in front of the store.

Ms. Johnson, who works at the store next door, said, “I know Ms. Cha’s husband, too. They are on good terms and were very nice and kind people. “I hope justice will be done for her husband and all the residents will be awake until then,” he said.

In front of the entrance to the store, covered with blankets, flowers and cards brought by local residents were piled up, and candles in memory of the deceased continued to burn. On one card, a resident who did not hear of Cha’s death wrote, “I love you, sister, get well soon,” and another resident, who introduced himself as a regular customer, left a message, “I pray for God’s comfort to all families.”

Another card read, “Heaven couldn’t wait for you.” In front of the store, someone placed a tape for residents who brought cards, and a teddy bear that seemed to have been brought by a child also drew attention.

When I looked inside the store through the store glass, there were still clear blood stains on the floor near the entrance, vividly conveying the situation at the time of the incident. In particular, on the right side of the store where the incident occurred, the East Point Police Station’s community police office was located, raising questions about whether police officers were working at the time of the incident.

Sang Lee, staff reporter

A resident is paying tribute to the deceased.
Alina Johnson is delivering a message to the deceased.