[Exclusive interview] “My mother said, ‘See you again, my daughter’…’”

Cha Hyo-shin, the daughter of the late Cha Hyun-chan, who sacrificed his armed robbery, expressed his sorrow.

Injured while serving in the Army…After retirement, she plays for the U.S. national rugby team.

The funeral will be held on the 18th at Doraville Atlanta Korean Catholic Church.

Cha Hyo-shin (English name Gabi Cha, 35), the daughter of Cha Hyun-chan (69), a Korean business owner who died in a shooting (link to the main office) while working at her business on the 15th, expressed her sorrow in an interview with Atlanta K.

Cha, a U.S. national wheelchair rugby team player, visited Atlanta and met her mother for the last time before departing to play against the England national team on the 31st of last month. When asked what was the last word she heard from her mother, Cha, who was interviewing the reporter in English, said in Korean, “My daughter, be careful. “I’ll see you when I come back,” she replied, bursting into tears.

The Cha family, who immigrated to Atlanta from Korea in 1991 when their daughter Cha was four years old, immediately entered the beauty supply industry and acquired the East Point store where the incident occurred and has been operating it for more than 30 years. Cha said, “It was a dangerous area, but I was relieved that I had never experienced anything dangerous while doing business for 30 years,” adding, “But when this suddenly happens, I am confused and heartbroken.”

Cha said, “My father, who suddenly lost his wife, now has 20 pieces (broken into 20 pieces, which means he was so deeply heartbroken), adding, “The whole family is in shock because I never imagined this would happen.” Cha has a father, an older brother (37), and two nephews, and her 92-year-old paternal grandmother is also alive. Cha said, “My grandmother is also saddened to hear the news of her daughter-in-law”

Cha, who currently lives with her husband in Houston, Texas, is a former U.S. Army soldier who suffered a lower body disability due to an unexpected injury during her service, but has been challenging various special events such as wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball, weightlifting, swimming, track and archery. In particular, she has been selected for the U.S. national wheelchair rugby team ‘Team USA’ and is competing in various national competitions. Such a strong woman is currently preparing for her mother’s funeral by comforting her father and family.

However, she was also a tearful daughter in front of the name ‘Mom’. Asked what kind of person her mother was, Cha said, “She was the most beautiful, kindest, classy, and nicest person in the world,” adding, “My mom, who worked tirelessly but liked to spend time in the kitchen when she was home, always cooked delicious food for my brother and sister and smiled the happiest in the world.” She couldn’t stop saying, “I want to see my mother’s smile once again.”

Cha recalled that she was touched by the messages sent by local residents in memory of her mother, saying, “My mom always wanted to give something to people,” adding, “My mom treated customers sincerely and helped poor people without asking.” She said, “I think my mother’s feelings were communicated to the local people. “I thank everyone who remembered and remembered my mother,” he said.

Meanwhile, the funeral of the deceased will be held at 11 a.m. on the 18th (Friday) at the Doraville Atlanta Korean Catholic Church. The viewing begins at 11 a.m. and a memorial mass is held at 12 p.m. Cha concluded the interview, saying, “I also thank the Korean community for their consolation.”

Sang Lee, Staff Reporter

고 차현찬씨/ 차효신씨 제공
고 차현찬씨/ 차효신씨 제공
차효신씨/U.S. Army photo by Spc. Rhianna Ballenger